1.  My book promotion video is really interesting.  You’ll be surprised by it.  Watch below:

2.  Watch the promo.  It’s cute and funny.


3.  Read the introduction for Unequal Partnership.

4.  Passionatetalk Radio Show interview with Gary Karp.  Aired January 29, 2018:

5.  The Wellness Universe interview.  Feb. 16, 2018.  Facebook Live with Shari Alyse:

6.  Golden Flogger Award nomination 2018 of my book, Unequal Partnership.

7.  “Writing Erotica: dominance/submission in erotic fiction,” a presentation for New England Dungeon Society, July 13, 2018.

8.  MEDIA MEMBERS, please contact me.  I have press release and photos and more.  EMAIL: please use my contact form.

“The book systematically takes you through the journey, from understanding your own needs and what you have to offer to venturing out into the dating world with a clear focus and actionable exercises that will keep you moving in the direction that is right for you – and hopefully brings you to a partner with whom you can speak the same language. “     –Dede Wilson


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