1.  My book promotion video is really interesting.  You’ll be surprised by it.  Watch below:

2.  Watch the promo.  It’s cute and funny.


3.  Read the introduction for Unequal Partnership.

4.  Passionatetalk Radio Show interview with Gary Karp.  Aired January 29, 2018:

5.  The Wellness Universe interview.  Feb. 16, 2018.  Facebook Live with Shari Alyse:

6.  Golden Flogger Award nomination 2018 of my book, Unequal Partnership.

7.  MEDIA MEMBERS, please contact me.  I have press release and photos and more.  EMAIL:

“The book systematically takes you through the journey, from understanding your own needs and what you have to offer to venturing out into the dating world with a clear focus and actionable exercises that will keep you moving in the direction that is right for you – and hopefully brings you to a partner with whom you can speak the same language. “     –Dede Wilson


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