Author, relationship coach, alternative lifestyles counselor


I wrote my book, Unequal Partnership:  a dating guide for non-egalitarian relationships, for individuals and couples who are looking for a logical framework that will give their relationships needed structure.  With relationship structure in place you can find your day-to-day answers with confidence.  I believe that each of us can design conditions for personal happiness.

I love my life!  Everyday I marvel at wonderful interactions with fascinating people.  Everyday I enjoy goodness and feel humbled by all the ways that I see people sharing with others and reaching out to be helpful and loving.  My work with couples brings me joy and a feeling of great satisfaction.

I have over 20 years of experience:

  • Life coach
  • Organizational development consultant
  • Relationship coach
  • Author of publications on personal and organizational effectiveness
  • Public speaker
  • Meeting facilitator
  • Workshop instructor

~Aisha-Sky, contact me