Lifestyle Conferences

M/s Conference, Baltimore, 2017

Ever heard of lifestyle conferences? Ever attended one or two or ten years worth? I have. There is no such thing as not having fun at one of these. Okay, let’s talk about this. “Lifestyle” could mean anything, right? But no, definitely not in this case.


“Lifestyle” refers to a wide variety of alternative life choices that people are making these days. Can we talk about this? So-o-o, maybe I should back up a step. The conferences that I am referring to happen all over the United States with a handful throughout Europe and Australia. I just don’t know about other continents and cultures. Hundreds or thousands of people, depending on the size of the conference, gather to celebrate Life itself. They come from everywhere—all over the world and attendees are always local, too. They are you, my readers. They are your next door neighbors, of course.


Like many other conferences that aren’t strictly professional or corporate the lifestyle conferences are loaded down with workshops, panel discussions, small group trainings, demonstrations, and seemingly endless vendors. Informally, attendees have lots of opportunities to meet with each other and share information.


Of course, there’s more going on, including planned parties in the evenings and daytime socials. Social service organizations run tables covered with their literature and give-aways.


What kind of subjects are classes, etc. about? Actually, I think you mean what lifestyles are we talking about? I am dragging my feet to say since I can never write an exhaustive list. What a shame that you might think that there is any proscribed list or limit to the possibilities. Anyway, here we go.


Polyamorous households is a good place to start. Ethical non-monogamy is more than a current trend. It’s for real.

Kink topics, kinky play, and adult toys. Sadism/masochism and dominance/submission in play and full lifestyles.

Women’s issues and desires.

Men’s issues and desires.

Cos(tume) play.

Paintings and other forms of art.

Performance art and theater.


LGBTQ discussions, workshops, and socials.


Big friendly, no pressure crowds. Funny or serious play names. Fun or seriously attractive conference going clothes. Lots of people are also in jeans and t-shirts. Lots of laughter.

Some of the smaller conferences specialize in just one topic.

I usually have a community table. My brochure and cards describe my counseling. Stacks of my book make colorful decoration. I give visitors to my table free brief consultations. One woman said, “I’ve known about you for two years. I’m ready to talk now.”

So, to keep it short these conference are about alternative lifestyle,  relationship advice,
power exchange, dating, dating advice, dominance, love and romance and any and everything that can help couples improve their quality of relationship.